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How do I install an Expert Advisor on MT5?

Updated 1 year ago

To install an EA on your MT5, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Save your Expert Advisor in the Experts folder in the MT5 directory on your PC. This is usually found under C:\Program Files\MetaTrader5\MQL5\Experts\Advisors
  2. Restart the MT5 platform
    --> The Expert Advisor file should appear in the navigator window in MetaTrader
  3. Click on it and drag it onto a chart of the financial asset where you would like to install the EA
  4. In the “Properties” window that comes up, tick 'Allow Auto trading'
    --> Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors tab
    -->Tick 'Allow automated trading'
    --> Click 'OK
You should now be able to see a symbol with a green circle in the top right corner of your chart to show that you have activated your EA correctly.
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