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Is my money Safe at Global GT?

Updated 6 months ago
As a regulated broker, the protection of clients' funds is a primary concern therefore, we undertake the following:

Capital & Reserves
We maintain one of the strictest capital adequacy ratios in the industry. Whereas the typical capital-to-risk weighted exposure ratio of the most reputable regulators is generally at approximately 12%, our ratio is at 40%. This allows us and, subsequently, our clients to feel safe even during high periods of market volatility.

Tier 1 Banking
Clients' funds are held in highly rated tiers 1 financial institutions.

Clients' funds are segregated from the Company's own funds and are always 100% available for clients.

Regulatory Supervision
As per our regulatory requirements, we are obliged to meet strict capital ratios and to ensure that clients' funds remain intact. In addition, we must have enough capital to tackle any type of risk that may arise. We report to the regulator on a quarterly basis and a detailed audit report is submitted once a year by a reputable independent auditor.

Risk Management
We have designed strong policies and procedures setting certain thresholds which are constantly monitored allowing us to effectively identify potential risks.

For more information on Regulation and Security of funds, you can refer to the ‘Security of funds’ page from the ‘About’, ‘Company’ section of our website.

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