What is a Trailing Stop and how can I set it up?

Updated 4 months ago

A Trailing Stop automates the process of modifying your Stop Loss level. It allows you to specify a Trailing Stop Level in points, and as soon as the profit in points becomes equal to or larger than the specified value, an automatic command is generated to place the Stop Loss at the specified distance from the current market price. If price moves and it is increasing the position profit, Stop Loss automatically moves together with the price.

You can set a Trailing Stop by right clicking on an open position and selecting Trailing Stop and then Custom. A new pop up window will appear, requesting you to specify the Trailing Stop Level in points. Click on OK.

Please note that there is a minimum point distance when you set up Trailing Stop. Please see our Limit & Stop levels under the 'Trading' menu tab, or under the Market Watch window - Specification.

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