What is a lot? How much is a lot?

Updated 4 months ago

A lot represents the volume / contract size of a symbol that you would like to buy or sell which also varies per account type. 


1 standard lot on USDJPY is equivalent to 100,000 USD.
1 mini lot on USDJPY is equivalent to 10,000 USD.

1 cent lot on USDJPY is equivalent to 1,000 USD.
Some instruments have other specific values for lots:

i.e. 1 Standard lot on XAUUSD (Gold) is 100 Troy Ounces or 100 contracts.
For more details on how much a Lot is equivalent to as per your account type, please refer to the ‘Instruments & Trading Conditions’ section per asset class under the ‘Trading’ section of our website.
Lot sizes can also be viewed directly from your platform by right clicking on a specific Symbol of your choice and selecting ‘Specification’.


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