Do I need to provide any additional information if I deposit via a Digital/Electronic Wallet?

Updated 4 months ago

If you will choose to deposit using an eWallet, make sure that the email address used in the eWallet is the same as the one that you used to register/open a Live MT5 Account. This will enable automatic verification.
Certain digital/eWallets may require additional steps. Clear instructions can be found in the Client Portal.

If the email address does not match the email address of the eWallet, you will be required to provide us with a proof of account ownership within 48 hours, after the transaction is completed, by sending us a statement or a screenshot of your digital/eWallet account, where the name matches the name of the account registered with us.

Attention! If a screenshot or statement is not provided, your deposit will be rejected and funds will be returned to the initial source.


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